Marketing one-on-one.

Personalized marketing allows you to publicize and promote the selected characteristics of your business to the market.

With UbiZ we give you all the tools to launch your loyalty program with your customers, encouraging them with raffles, prizes and all the marketing actions that you can implement directly on their smartphones.

Simple and direct marketing

The specialized developers at Ubiz have designed the Ubiz application to make it user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive layout.

This includes complete step-by-step instructions on how business owners can achieve optimal marketing results and instantly increase profits, all in the palm of their hand.

Simple Solutions

We offer a range of personalized packages designed by our professionals based on market studies and our clients' needs.

Allowing you to publicize and promote the selected characteristics of your business to the market.

It is important to highlight that you will always be the owner of your product and all the material used to develop loyalty campaigns.

Push Campaigns

You have a powerful tool under your control that offers instant specific promotions, builds loyalty with your current customers, and attracts new customers to your business, ultimately increasing your profits.

With a detailed individual statistics panel for each campaign, you can gain insights into the impact on your customers, analyzing parameters such as timing and reach.

Create unique experiences with your customers

Create dynamic messages based on your customers' location, preferences and much more

Promote actions that guide your customers to interact with your business.

Connecting with your customers at the right time and place through mobile push notifications, in real time, whether they have the application open or not.