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With UbiZ we develop the best tools using geolocation system so you can enjoy a unique experience with your choices.


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Ask and get opinions and references to those who have already experienced what you are interested in, share your photos, comments and opinions of the things you like.

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Promote your business generating the loyalty of your customers. Manage and grow your Business!

Keep your App and your brand relevant to customers. Meet, encourage and reward ...


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  • - Thailand
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    Torino - Italy
UbiZ helps you create unique experiences with your customers through:
  • Create dynamic messages based on the location of your customers, their preferences and much more ...
  • Promote actions that guide your clients to interact with your business.
  • Connecting with your customers at the right time and place through mobile push notifications, in real time, whether or not the application is open.

You are not alone, so we decided to go with you step by step through our ebooks and video tutorials where you can exploit the full potential that new technologies, applied to customer loyalty offer you.

Marketing one-on-one.

Personalized marketing allows you to publicize and promote the selected characteristics of your business to the market.

With UbiZ we offer you all the tools to launch your loyalty program to your customers, incentivizing them with raffles, prizes and all the marketing actions that you can implement directly to their smartphones.

UbiZ is a tool with the perfect channel for the most effective advertising in the world.

Think about the importance of generating a bond with the client so that he can be present in his day to day; exploit this feature for the success of your business! .


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